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Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is a revolutionary approach to dental treatment that utilizes advanced technology and techniques to improve the overall patient experience. It encompasses various aspects of dental care, from diagnosis and treatment planning to manufacturing dental restorations. 

How Digital Dentistry Can change Your Smile

With the advancement in digital technology, traditional methods of dental care have been replaced with more efficient and accurate processes. 

Digital dentistry brings numerous benefits to both patients and professionals. The use of Intra Oral Scanners, for instance, enhance the accuracy of dental impressions, reducing the likelihood of errors and the need for repeat procedures. This not only improves the quality of dental restorations but also significantly enhances the comfort of patients during the process. Gone are the days of gooey impressions and long waits for laboratory fabrication of crowns. 

With the use of these various digital formats, we at Pier 210 Dental Group are able to provide our patients with a more efficient, accurate and comfortable dental experience. Digital dentistry has truly revolutionized the field of dentistry, allowing for better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. So why not take advantage of this technology and see how it can change your smile for the better?  Digital dentistry is here to enhance your dental experience and give you a beautiful, confident smile, because…

When You Smile… We Smile… REALLY! 

Our Digital Dentistry Solutions

One of the most popular digital dentistry solutions is Cerec (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), which is a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CadCam) system. With Cerec, we can create high-quality ceramic restorations in a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and temporary restorations. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of contamination and potential discomfort for patients. 

At Pier210, we also offer 3D printers that can create highly precise three-dimensional models of teeth and gums, which can then be used to fabricate customized dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, night guards and dentures. This eliminates the need for traditional methods that involve messy impressions, resulting in more accurate and comfortable fittings for patients. 

Same Day Crowns:

Using 3D milling and Cerec OmniCam, we are able to fabricate beautiful and durable esthetic porcelain crowns. No more gooey impressions or waiting weeks for the final restoration! All of our in-house fabricated appliances are METAL FREE and bio-compatalbe. 

3D dentures:

With both 3D printing and CADCAM milling, we can fabricate cost effective temporary dentures and beautiful complete dentures. We can even save your existing dentures digitally so if you ever need a replacement, we can duplicate them in a day or two! 

Printed Night Guards:

Our 3D printing technology allows us to fabricate customized Night Guards overnight. These can help with bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ clicking and pain and even Snoring and Sleep Apnea! 

Snoring and Sleep Apnea:

Our customized Snore Guards and Mandibular Advancing Devices help to significantly reduce both snoring and sleep apnea. These devices, in conjunction with Laser Therapy (NightLase therapy using the Fotona Laser) can even reduce or eliminate the need for surgery, implanted devices and even CPAP machines (in certain situations). 

Digital Smile Design:

There are several ways that we are able to help patients visualize what their smile can look like without ever touching their teeth. With 3D scanners and computer aided AI, we can perform Digital Designs of your smile so you can see what the final result will look like! We can then take that design to fabricate customized dentures and veneers or even guides for composite restorations to create that beautiful smile! 

Orthodontic Simulation:

Our iTero scanner and Invisalign program allow us to show you what your smile can look like AFTER orthodontic treatment in only minutes! If you love what you see, we can design your Invisalign case based on the simulation. We can even send the results to you by email to share with your family before starting treatment. 

The Technology Behind Our Digital Dentistry

3D Milling & CadCam

3D Milling and CadCam dentures provide a seamless and convenient solution for tooth loss. They enable the creation of precise, customized dentures in a short time span, improving patient’s comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, the integration of 3D Printers in dentistry has revolutionized the production of dental prosthetics, crowns, and bridges, making them more reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

Our state-of-the-art 3D Milling machines allow us to create custom-made CadCam dentures with precision and accuracy. These digital dentures are designed using computer-aided design (CAD) software and then milled from a single block of material, eliminating the need for manual labor and potential human error. This results in a better fit and a more natural-looking smile. 

Digital Smile Design

One of the most transformative aspects of digital dentistry is the Digital Smile Design. This technique allows dentists to provide a virtual preview of the final results, enabling patients to visualize their new smile before any treatment begins. This can greatly increase patient confidence and satisfaction, making dental care a more positive and engaging experience. 

This cutting-edge software allows us to create a virtual mock-up of your smile, using 3D imaging and facial analysis to design the perfect smile for you. This technology takes into account not just your teeth, but also your facial features and proportions, resulting in a personalized and natural-looking smile that is unique to you. 

Invisalign Outcome Simulator

Another cutting-edge tool in digital dentistry that we employ at Pier 210 Dental Group is the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This advanced technology uses Intra Oral Scanners to create a detailed 3D model of your teeth. The Outcome Simulator then digitally manipulates the model to show how your teeth could look after using Invisalign clear aligners. It’s a powerful tool in the patient consultation process, as you’re able to see a visual representation of the potential outcome before starting the treatment. This transparency lets you make an informed decision about whether Invisalign is the right solution for you, and allows you to start your journey to a beautiful smile with confidence and clarity.

Why Choose Digital Dentistry


One of the key benefits of digital dentistry is its precision. With traditional methods, there was always a risk of human error that could affect the fit of restorations. However, with digital scans and CAD/CAM technology, the accuracy of restoration fit has significantly improved. 


Digital scans eliminate the need for physical impressions, which can be messy and uncomfortable for patients. With intraoral scanners, dentists can capture precise 3D images of a patient’s mouth in a matter of seconds. These images are then used to create virtual models 


Another advantage of digital dentistry is the ability to easily duplicate restorations. With traditional methods, if a restoration needed to be remade or replaced, the entire process would need to be repeated from start to finish. However, with digital files stored in a computer, it is much easier and quicker to reproduce an exact replica of a previous restoration if needed. 

Patient Involvement

Moreover, digital dentistry allows for increased patient involvement and understanding of their treatment. With 3D images and virtual models, dentists can show patients a visual representation of their oral health and proposed treatments, making it easier for them to understand the procedure and make informed decisions about their dental care before they ever begin treatment. 

Reduced Wait Time

Furthermore, CAD/CAM technology accelerates the restoration process. Instead of waiting for weeks to receive a custom-made restoration from a dental lab, patients can often have their restoration designed, fabricated, and placed in a single appointment. This not only enhances patient comfort and satisfaction but also increases dental practice efficiency.  


In addition, CAD/CAM technology arguably produces more robust and durable restorations. The digital precision reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring a tight seal between the restoration and the tooth, which in turn reduces the risk of future tooth decay and prolongs the lifespan of the restoration. Thus, the superior precision brought about by CAD/CAM technology truly places digital dentistry at the forefront of achieving optimal patient outcomes. 

What Our Happy Patients Have To Say

Rex Chapman
Rex Chapman
Best dental office & staff ever!! Wish they were around when I was young and I wouldn’t have been so scared lol
Mary Beard
Mary Beard
I had an emergency with a broken veneer and just called the office hoping to get in. I just Googled. Wow… amazing staff and skilled doctors. They were very compassionate and accommodating. I didn’t have insurance and I must say I was very pleased with their fees for service. Great office that I would recommend to anyone.
christine steiner
christine steiner
Pier 210 has a great staff that is cheerful, polite & genuine in their professional patient care. ????
kristy brown
kristy brown
It is such a professional and friendly, family oriented place,never disappointed ????love coming back❤ I had Dr Marr today and assistant Tiffany helping me with my fillings. First of all I want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr.Marr.She never disappoints. She is most definitely hands down best dentist I ever had. Today she saved me from unnecessary root canal which I was told I needed by another office.That alone was amazing. She also worked on my fillings in the most efficient, pain free, carrying way I could imagine at a dentist office.I am so extremely grateful for all she does and all the extra steps she takes to make patients feel comfortable and safe.I feel, I have definitely won the lottery with her.I am so blessed to receive such a high quality care....thank you dr.Marr????
John Howard
John Howard
I've been going to Pier 210 for about 45 years between the old Pier 210 and the new. Everyone has been professional, friendly & helpfull, but the new Pier 210 is way more up to date and capable.
Randy Martling
Randy Martling
Everyone there was fantastic! Allie could not have been any nicer. Dr Roholt was great. Really good experience!!!
Linda Forman
Linda Forman
From my initial call to make my first appointment the staff at Pier 210 Dental Group were cheerful, welcoming, and professional. The office is beautiful, my appointment was on time, and I received the most thorough examination ever from a dentist. Dr. Roholt spent so much time with me, answering all my questions and covering multiple treatment options. Kim, the hygienist was delightful, loved her! I can't say enough good things about my experience at Pier 210....and going to the dentist is one of my top three least favorite things. 🙂 Thank you Pier 201 Dental Group!

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