What are Artificial Tooth Roots?

Posted on: December 16, 2018

Wondering what exactly an artificial tooth root means? When you are missing one of your teeth it is essential that you find a tooth replacement option as possible in order to preserve your good oral health. Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option many people are choosing nowadays. This is because they are able to act and look just like a natural tooth.

When dental implants are chosen, an experienced dental professional will surgically insert the artificial tooth root of the implant into the patient’s jawbone. Once the artificial tooth root has completely healed it is time for the artificial tooth to be attached. This allows for a tooth replacement option that looks and feels just like natural teeth do.

Why are dental implants necessary?

Dental implants are necessary when it comes to preserving jawbone. Once someone loses one of their teeth, their jawbone will begin to deteriorate. This is because there is no longer a tooth root there to stimulate the jawbone in that particular area. When someone starts to experience jawbone loss, it is only a matter of time before they begin to experience additional oral problems. These will directly affect their oral health as well as their overall appearance.

How long do dental implants last?

Another great benefit that comes with choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth is that they last a very long time with proper oral care. Many of the other tooth replacement options tend to last anywhere between five and 15 years. But, with proper oral care dental implants will last up to 25 years.

Are dental implants worth it?

The dental implant process requires an experienced dental professional to surgically insert them into a patient’s jawbone. This means there are some people who will wonder whether it is worth it or not to have dental implants surgically inserted into their jawbone. It is definitely up to each individual patient on whether or not they believe the process of getting dental implants is worth going through. But, it is important for those who are not sure to consider the benefits that dental implants offer.

Dental implant benefits

The most important benefit that comes with choosing dental implants is that they look and act just like a natural tooth. This includes stimulating the jawbone so that the patient does not have to experience any more bone loss. Additional benefits include the ability to look better, talk better, eat easier and feel much more confident in their overall appearance.

Are dental implants the right solution for you?

Thinking about getting an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone where your missing tooth used to be now that you have read the above information? A dental implant is going to be the closest thing you can get to a natural tooth when you are needing to replace one or more of your missing teeth. If you are ready to once again have good oral health, then choosing a tooth replacement option as soon as you can is highly recommended. The longer you wait, the more bone loss you are going to experience and that is something that you do not want to continue.

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