Tips If You Are Nervous About the Dentist

nervous about the dentist

If you are nervous or fearful of dental treatments and procedures, you should know you have the power to make these sessions quick, easy and nearly painless. The actions you take in regard to cleaning your teeth/gums and the preparations you make prior to the appointment will make your upcoming appointment less stressful.

There is nothing wrong with being nervous about the dentist. Most people worry about what the dentist will find or potential pain stemming from dental procedures. Some are nervous about the dentist because they have had negative experiences in the past. Visiting with the dentist is essential for oral health and functionality. Here is a quick look at a few tips that will calm nerves and make dental visits as easy, quick and comfortable as possible.

Tips for dealing with nervousness about the dentist

Discuss nervousness or fear with our dental team

A patient should let the dentist and dental hygienist know about their nervousness, and they will be gentle when treating the teeth and gums. Let the dentist and dental hygienist know about any nervousness regarding a particular aspect of dentistry, such as cleanings, x-rays or tooth decay removal, Be as specific as possible, explain the reason for nervousness, and these oral health professionals will go out of their way to ensure comfort. Aside from being that much more gentle, the dentist will also explain exactly what each treatment or procedure entails. Listen closely, and your improved understanding will help settle your nerves.

Take baby steps

Start out with an easy and simple cleaning. It does not make sense for a nervous patient to jump right into an advanced procedure or treatment. Take it easy, start off with a basic hygienic visit and work up to more complex procedures. Self-confidence will gradually build to the point that a patient will no longer feel like a nervous wreck when thinking about dental treatment.

Bring a family member or friend along

If a patient is nervous about the dentist, they can have a friend or family member go with them to the dental visit. As long as the person selected is trustworthy, calm and level-headed, the appointment will prove that much less stressful.

Listen to soothing music

Those who are nervous about the dentist often find listening to music calms the nerves. Prepare a “dental playlist” ahead of time and load it up on a smartphone or other device to feel that much more relaxed while the dentist works.

Tap into the power of positive reinforcement

Consider rewarding yourself for following through with your dental appointment. Think about how you will reward yourself for visiting with the dentist as they work on your teeth. Whether it is a mini-vacation, a weekend getaway, a trip to the movies or indulging in favorite foods, the prospect of a reward just might be enough to calm nerves and redirect focus to something positive.

Schedule your appointment today

Our dental team is here to put you at ease during your upcoming visits. Put your faith in us and you will find dental treatments and procedures are much easier than expected.

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