What You Need to ask Your Dentist

Your next dental checkup is the perfect opportunity to ask some important questions of your dentist.  Your dentist will welcome your inquiries and concerns.  Use your checkup as a platform to pose questions about mouth-friendly foods and beverages, dental restorations, new dental technologies and so on.

Here is a look at a few of the best questions to ask your dentist during your next checkup.

Do you think my medication is impacting my oral health or beauty?

Your dentist and doctor will have some important insights in regard to whether medications might play a role in your oral health issues.  Plenty of medications spur dry mouth and additional conditions that negatively impact oral health.  It is imperative you ask your dentist about the impact medication has on oral health.

What are you looking for on the dental X-rays?

The dentist will require X-rays to gauge bone health as well as tooth decay.  X-rays make it that much easier to spot tooth decay between the teeth.  The frequency of X-rays appropriate for you hinges on your unique oral health and the dentist's take on your current condition.  Frequent dental X-rays will be necessary if your dental condition lacks stability.

Do you notice any red flags in a potentially serious condition?

Be forthright about your desire to know exactly what is going on in your mouth even if it is bad news such as signs of oral cancer.  Alterations in the mouth are indications that there might be a serious underlying condition.  Perhaps you have inflamed gums that indicate the presence of diabetes.

Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency or osteoporosis.  If you notice any irregularities in your mouth such as recurrent bad breath, jaw pain, lumps, sores, loose teeth, bleeding gums or tooth pain, ask your dentist about what might be causing it.

What steps should my oral healthcare routine include?

Find out what the dentist does for his or her own dental routine.  Copy this routine and you will likely enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth and gums.  However, if your oral health needs are highly nuanced, request the dentist help you craft a detailed daily dental care routine.

Can you recommend any foods that will improve my oral health?

The dentist might be able to specify a few foods that are good for your teeth and gums, ideal for your particular dietary needs and most importantly, tasty.  If you are not sure as to which foods and beverages are good or bad for your teeth, your next dental checkup is the best time to ask.

Why are my teeth so sensitive?

The dentist will give you a detailed answer to this question after reviewing your oral health history, current status and other details in your file. The cause of your tooth sensitivity will likely different from that of other patients. Tooth sensitivity can result from tooth erosion, tooth decay, gum recession, grinding the teeth at night, worn tooth enamel and so on.

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