Kid-Friendly Dentistry: How Often Should School Age Children See a Dentist?

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If you are wondering how often to take your school-age child to the kid-friendly dentist, you are not alone. There is no standard guideline regarding the frequency of dental visits, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. This means if you are doubtful, feel free to book that appointment. One thing is certain: you should not delay preventative dental care. If you have to rush the child to the dental office for an emergency, you have probably waited too long.

The importance of dental visits

Ideally, children should start visiting the kid-friendly dentist once their teeth start erupting. When it comes to the frequency of the visits, most dental professionals recommend that children visit the kid-friendly dentistry office at least twice yearly. However, if the child is prone to cavities, the dentist might recommend more regular appointments to monitor their oral health. The dental appointments can help to:

Protect the teeth from decay

Routine dental visits allow the child’s dentist to discover early signs of oral issues such as cavities and gum disease. The child may have learned proper oral hygiene at home but still developed issues whose symptoms are not immediately noticeable. There is also the factor of children’s diet, as it is the major thing influencing their oral health; their love for sodas, sweets and processed carbs does not exactly help their cause.

The dentist can detect the issues before they become much worse. Parents sometimes do not pay attention to the primary teeth because they think these teeth will be replaced eventually. However, the child’s permanent teeth come directly under the milk teeth, which helps guide their position on the jaws. School-age children can hardly take optimal care of their teeth, and regular dental appointments help to fill that gap.

Ensure proper oral development

The kid-friendly dentist will examine the child’s oral cavity to ensure proper development and take care of missing or crooked teeth. They can also detect indications of a fluoride deficiency and suggest the proper ways to supplement the child’s fluoride intake or provide a fluoride treatment. The dentist will also show the child the correct ways to brush and floss to maintain good oral health.

Make the child comfortable with dental visits

Regular dental schedules are not just to keep the child’s teeth clean and free of problems. It also helps to get them more accustomed to the dental office setting, the dentist and the dental staff. It also helps the child become more comfortable and confident, consequently reducing their dental anxiety or fear of the dentist and making future visits less stressful.

In summary

Taking your child to the kid-friendly dentist every six months may appear unnecessary, especially if the child appears to be in good oral health, but the visits serve many purposes. More importantly, your child can cultivate a lifelong habit of good oral health care. If you have not visited the dentist in a while, it is time to book an appointment.

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