Is it Safe to Use Sedation Dentistry on Children?

Posted on: June 16, 2019

For any parent, researching and making sure that a procedure is safe for their children is their top priority, and that includes sedation dentistry. However, sedation dentistry could be an excellent option for calming nerves and having a dental procedure successfully completed, including bi-annual check-ups and cleanings.

Sedation dentistry is exceptionally safe for kids, and in this article, we are going to look at the different ways it can be used for your little one's visits to the dentist.

How can sedation dentistry be used for kids?

The two main types of sedation used for kids are orally or through nitrous oxide, also commonly referred to as laughing gas. Both are effective in being able to calm any anxiety or worries and can be useful for the dentist to be able to complete their work without any interruptions.

Oral sedation

If a parent has opted for using the oral route of sedation, they should know that this way is done a bit differently. Typically, a pill is given to the child a certain amount of time before the dental procedure or cleaning. By the time the patient arrives for the appointment, they will have the effects and be calmer and much more at ease.

However, this option can be a bit more difficult if the child is not old enough to swallow a pill on their own.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Laughing gas is another excellent option for sedation dentistry and is given to a child through a nose and mouthpiece that they breathe into. The effects are much quicker and will help the child relax and be calmer during any procedure or cleaning.

Typically, the patient will feel the effects within five minutes of being given the gas and will have a relaxed and euphoric feeling during the procedure. After everything is completed, the patient is then given pure oxygen to help clear any of the laughing gas out of the airways.

How can parents help at the dentist's office?

The best thing that parents can do to keep a child calm is to treat the trip like any other outing. Not making a “big deal” about the trip to the dentist and being relaxed has been said to be the best thing parents can do.

Once at the dentist's office, the parents can typically stay with their children and help relieve any nerves by answering questions confidently and in a straightforward manner. Letting the child see that their parent is not worried or anxious can be the best thing to avoid any last-minute jitters or worries.

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