How Your Dental Health Reflects Your Overall Health

Your dental health is representative of the rest of your health. If you have issues with your dental health, you will likely have other health problems beyond your mouth. Though the mouth is certainly laden with bacteria, it can be controlled with proper oral hygiene.

If you neglect your teeth or gums, your overall health will likely pay the consequences in addition to your oral health.

Periodontal Disease Leads to Additional Health Problems

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is chronic inflammation spurred by bacteria in plaque beneath the gum line. Periodontal disease harms more than the gums. Though you will almost surely experience swelling, bleeding and irritation along the gums, periodontal disease will also lead to additional health problems. Such health problems could be worse than the potential tooth loss stemming from untreated periodontitis.

Periodontal disease has the potential to cause kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Periodontal disease can even worsen diabetes. The bottom line is your risk for all sorts of health problems skyrockets if your oral health is neglected.

Poor Dental Health can Cause Respiratory Infections

The lungs are quite efficient at filtering foreign particles that should not be present in your system. However, gums can only do so much to keep unsavory particles out indefinitely. Gum disease and additional oral health issues will expose the lungs to bacteria. This bacteria has the potential to overwhelm the lungs and lead to respiratory infections.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is a hardening of the arteries within the heart. Poor oral hygiene causes this condition after gum inflammation. The end result is bacteria moving into the bloodstream. As time progresses, plaque builds within the artery walls, diminishing blood flow across the entirety of the body.

Poor Oral Health can Even Cause Dementia

An excess of bacteria in the mouth will lead to all sorts of oral health conditions like gingivitis. Bacteria linked to gingivitis can move into the bloodstream through the gums, damage the brain and cause dementia.

Issues With Diabetes

People who have diabetes should hyper-aware of their oral health. Gum inflammation and symptoms tied to periodontal disease will alter blood sugar levels and spur significant complications.

A Yearly Dental Visit Will not Suffice for Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

It is not enough to meet with the dentist once per year. Oral health requires consistent maintenance. Otherwise, your teeth will deteriorate to harmful levels. As the Surgeon General stated in the first nationwide oral health report issued in 2000, the mouth serves as the center of important functions and tissues critical to overarching health and well-being throughout one's life.

The bottom line is everything in the body is linked to oral health. So do not strictly rely on your dentist for oral health. It is up to you to floss, brush, rinse with antibacterial mouthwash and meet with your dentist at least twice per year.


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