Dental Solutions for Crowded Teeth

Posted on: March 16, 2018

Crowded teeth are often caused by dental trauma, jaw displacement, a cleft lip and/or teeth of an irregular size.  Such teeth have the potential to lead to numerous dental issues ranging from gum disease to premature wear, pain and jaw/joint damage.  It is possible to remedy crowded teeth if we can identify the problem sooner rather than later.

Here is a look at some of the top dental solutions to correct those crowded teeth:

1. Aligners

Aligners are a highly effective non-surgical means of remedying crowded teeth.  Aligners like the popular Invisalign® variety straighten those pearly whites for the optimal fit and look.  Once the aligners straighten the teeth, they are that much easier to clean. It usually takes around a year for aligners like Invisalign® to correct crowded teeth and straighten out crooked teeth.

2. Fix Those Crowded Teeth With Cosmetic Recontouring

Do not be intimidated by this seemingly complex-sounding dental procedure.  It is a straightforward procedure in which the teeth are carefully reshaped.  Once they reach the proper shape, the teeth will fit together with ease. Cosmetic recontouring is non-invasive and is typically for those who have minor teeth crowding.

3. Braces Will Correct Your Crowded Teeth

While aligners are a popular means of correcting crowded and crooked teeth, braces are still effective.  Also known as orthodontic appliances, dentists cement braces to the teeth and make adjustments for proper realignment. The length of time it takes braces to remedy crowded teeth is typically a bit longer than aligners.

4. Retainers

Dental professionals can customize oral health devices such as retainers to hold the teeth in position with wires and/or a translucent plastic. A retainer will help to keep the straight smile in place.

5. Porcelain Veneers can Correct Crowded Teeth

Porcelain veneers are successful in the correction of crowded and/or crooked teeth. Though the use of veneers is a bit more invasive than some other options such as cosmetic recontouring, it proves effective without much delay.  If you have minor crowding and/or misshaped teeth, give porcelain veneers a try and you will love your new smile.

6. Tooth Extraction is not the Ideal Solution for Crowded Teeth

If the teeth are crowded to an extreme degree, extraction might be the sole means of addressing the problem.  Too many teeth for the jaw's size will prove quite uncomfortable unless the dentist performs an extraction in a precise and delicate manner.  The extraction provides space for the additional teeth to realign or at least be gradually guided into the proper position with an aligner.

However, tooth extraction is the last resort. We will explore all other possible solutions before considering a tooth extraction. Discuss each of the options above with us before selecting the one that is best for your unique oral health.

Why does this all matter?

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