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When teeth suffer damage, dental veneers can come to the rescue to restore smiles. Issues such as chips, cracks, and small fractures can be embarrassing. If you have any of these on your teeth, you may avoid smiling or even being around people. You can fix these concerns with veneers and make your teeth the size, shape, and color you desire. As you understand what veneers are and how they work, you can feel comfortable moving forward with this treatment.

Not just for tooth damage

People often think of veneers as a way to repair damage to a tooth. While this is true and common, dentists may use dental veneers in other ways. Cosmetically, this can be a useful treatment. Patients may choose veneers to whiten teeth that have unsightly stains. Dentists can make the veneer in any desired color shade. Plus, the veneer can improve the appearance of a crooked, misshapen, or abnormally small or large tooth.

A description of dental veneers

A veneer is a thin shell that attaches to the front of the tooth, restoring its form and function. Normally, veneers are made of porcelain. It is durable and strong, enabling the person to bite into many foods that are otherwise difficult when there is physical damage. If the patient takes good care of it, the veneer can last up to 10 years.

The process

Once a patient decides to get dental veneers, the dentist begins some initial preparatory steps. First, the dentist takes X-rays and makes impressions. This information goes to an off-site lab where a technician creates the veneer to be a specific size and shape. At a subsequent appointment, the dentist then numbs the patient and reshapes the tooth so the veneer will fit. The dentist must then remove a small amount of enamel and etches the tooth to make it rough. This helps the veneer to bond well to the tooth.

Temporary veneer and permanent placement

Before the veneer is ready, the dentist may attach a temporary one to the tooth. The patient returns to the office once the permanent one is back from the lab. The dentist ensures that it is a proper fit and is the right color shade to match the surrounding teeth. Next, the dentist uses dental cement to bond it to the front of the tooth. Using light, the dentist cures the cement, so it hardens quickly.

Care and maintenance

To help dental veneers last longer, the patient has some important responsibilities. Veneers can stain, just like teeth, so regular brushing is essential. This habit also keeps the tooth underneath healthy and free of bacteria buildup. People with veneers should also continue to floss daily. Avoiding biting into hard and sticky foods will also preserve the veneer.

Make your teeth the way you want them to look

You should not have to be unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers can change the color, shape, and other cosmetic characteristics of teeth. Speak to your dentist today about this process and whether you are the right candidate. Within a few weeks, you can have the smile you have been wanting.

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