We Can Whiten Your Teeth For a Brighter Appearance

If you are like most people, you are looking for a way to whiten your teeth.  Meet with your dentist to learn about the different teeth whitening options and you might be surprised as to the many different approaches.  Select the right dentist and you will find teeth whitening does not take an abundance of time or money.  Once your teeth are whitened you will feel like a new person.  You will look forward to smiling, eating and talking while in the presence of others.  Perhaps more importantly, others will find you more attractive and endearing.  

Achieve the Bright Appearance You Have Always Desired

People tend to think of teeth as being white in color.  The sad truth is most adult teeth are stained or discolored to varying degree.  There are different degrees of whiteness to tooth enamel.  If the dentin below the enamel emerges, the tooth in question might appear slightly yellow in color.  As time progresses, tooth enamel gradually stains due to exposure to acidic foods and beverages.  Even the aging process, tobacco use, genetics, medicines, and injuries can cause discoloration.  You should not have to live with stained or discolored teeth.  Meet with our dentist for teeth whitening and your tooth will look a lovely shade of white.

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist's Office

If you were to poll those who have tried teeth whitening at the dentist's office and teeth whitening take-home kits about the merits of each, you would likely receive quite the enthusiastic response in favor of professional whitening.  In-office teeth whitening performed by an experienced dentist whitens teeth much better than take-home teeth whitening kits.  Your dentist will use cutting-edge teeth whitening solutions like laser technology to whiten your teeth upwards of seven shades in a single hour.  Alternatively, it takes two weeks to replicate such shades with teeth whitening solutions you apply on your own.

Whiten Your Teeth With Whitening Trays

Lasers are not the only means of whitening stained teeth.  Dentists also provide patients with customized teeth whitening trays.  These trays are carefully crafted to match each patient's upper and lower teeth.  The teeth whitening gel is placed in the tray.  The patient wears the tray during the day or while sleeping at night.  Adhere the dentist's directions regarding the length of time to wear these trays so the gel's peroxide does not irritate your chompers.  The dentist can also provide additional teeth whitening solutions for use at home.  Anything from the aforementioned trays to rinses and strips can whiten the teeth.  Each of these methods relies on peroxide that moves below the surface to brighten the tooth enamel.

When in Doubt, opt for In-office Teeth Whitening

If you have decided to whiten your teeth, you should know in-office teeth whitening is the best approach.  The dentist will cover the tissues of your gums with a protective gel or rubber to avoid exposure to peroxide.  The teeth whitening solution your dentist applies will have ample peroxide to brighten your teeth in as little as an hour.  This is much more efficient than teeth whitening solutions sold over the counter for home use.

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