3 Ways Implant Supported Dentures Can Help Your Smile

Posted on: August 5, 2019

People with missing teeth can use implant supported dentures to recover their bright smiles. Nothing helps make a great first impression like a bold and beautiful smile; however, many people who have lost teeth do not feel confident or comfortable enough to show off their smiles.

Anyone who wants to restore his or her smile to its former glory should think about replacing their missing teeth using implant supported dentures. Unlike conventional dentures that sit on the gums and require a lot of maintenance over time, implant supported dentures are attached to the jawbone, making them stable and better able to fix any smile.

3 ways implant supported dentures can improve your smile

People who are deciding whether or not to receive implant supported dentures should consider the many ways in which these dentures can boost their confidence by improving their smile.

1. Implant supported dentures replace missing teeth

One of the main reasons why people seek dentures in the first place is to replace missing teeth so they can regain their smile. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, implant supported dentures can replace both a person’s natural teeth and roots, making sure the replacements are strong and built to last for a long time.

Implant supported dentures restore missing teeth by attaching dentures to dental implants using either a bar-retained or ball-retained method. Once attached, these teeth look and function naturally, allowing people who were missing teeth to recover their smile. Now, people who were once shy about smiling will be bold enough to smile wide.

2. Implant supported dentures make smiles look natural

Implant supported dentures use acrylic materials to make your gums look as natural as possible, and they host teeth made from acrylics or porcelain that will make them look authentic. With this procedure, denture wearers do not have to worry about whether or not their teeth look real when they smile.

Not only will these dentures give wearers the confidence to smile again, but implant supported dentures will also ensure that their teeth will look aesthetically pleasing when they do show their teeth.

3. Implant supported dentures preserve smiles

People with implant supported dentures do not have to worry about collapsed or wrinkled smiles over time. Whereas traditional dentures do not preserve the jawbone, implant supported dentures stimulate the bone and prevent it from shrinking and weakening.

Because the dental implants that support these dentures are anchored to the jawbone, they are sturdy and strong. These dentures maintain the original shape of the mouth, ensuring that wearers will have a natural-looking smile that will not fall or shrink.

Ready to regain your smile?

People who are ready to increase their self-confidence and replace their missing teeth should speak to a dentist about implant supported dentures. At a scheduled consultation, a dentist will provide individuals interested in this treatment option with all the information needed to take the next step toward improving their smiles.

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