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AeroSol Away is a high powered aerosol vacuum filtration system Dr. Roholt invented to help keep patients and staff safer during dental treatment.

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    Auburn California dentist, lecturer, and innovator, David H. Roholt has invented an aerosol reduction unit that satisfies the new California Dental Association’s requirements for dental offices (and any aerosol producing offices) to open their doors TODAY!

    During the Covid-19 Pandemic, dental offices throughout the world were shut down to prevent the spread of viral infections. Consequently, on April 17, 2020, the CDA stated that dental professionals must have "...viable options for eliminating, reducing or containing aerosol production during patient care." AeroSol Away does just that as it carries your business to the next level of code compliance, building a safeguard of trust around you, your staff, and your patients.

    Dr. Roholt's patent pending AeroSol Away vacuum unit, uses HEPA filtration and significantly reduces the bacteria and virus transmitting aerosols created during patient treatment. AeroSol Away seamlessly secures to the dental chair while maintaining full use of the dental provider's work area. Our one-touch remote activates the two contoured and adjustable evac-u-caps (vacuum nozzles) which position on both sides of the patient's face eliminating most aerosols, small droplets, and splatter created. The custom made evac-u-caps are easy to remove and simple to clean with standard office disinfectants. The low-profile design retains the patient's personal space while the white noise cancels out the typical dental sounds. This unit is a must for all dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants.

    "Due to the numerous benefits of AeroSol Away, I know all dentists, hygienists and assistants will want to treat patients using this necessary device." said Dr. Roholt. "Rest assured, I have spent hundreds of hours creating the negative pressure system to surround a patient's mouth. My invention allows dental practitioners to get back to work knowing that aerosols are being reduced according to the CDA's guidelines."

    Dr. Roholt’s Story

    "The aftermath of Covid-19 left myself, my staff and my patients feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and at a loss. When dental offices were forced to shut down, the only thing I could think of was the safety of my staff, my patients and ultimately my family. I have always been an inventor (AKA Doc Brown) and a quick start, so my mind began to formulate the solution to reduce aerosol production in our office. It was important for me to maintain the employment of my 22 staff members so they could continue to support their families.

    During this whole process, my family and my staff have been my greatest cheerleaders….although if you ask my wife, my 1:00 AM -3:00 AM think tank (pacing the halls of our home) might be pushing the limits of unwavering support!

    Fast forward to eight prototypes later, throw in an ingenious like-minded builder (AKA Marty McFly) turned project manager and morph my marketing director into the 'do everything else I need for you to do and make it all happen like that' person and voilà, we give you AeroSol Away." - Dr. Roholt

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